ABUS Titalium 90RK50: Heavy-Duty Padlock


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ABUS Titalium 90RK50 Padlock: Enhanced Security for Medium to High-Value Items

The ABUS Titalium 90RK50 Padlock is a high-quality padlock with a CEN security grade 3 and an Abus security level 8. With a 9.5mm shackle diameter and a vertical clearance of 22.5mm, it offers robust security measures. This padlock is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, providing reliable protection for your valuable belongings. Its rust-free construction ensures durability, and the shackle guard adds an extra layer of security.

ABUS Titalium Padlocks are renowned for their comprehensive security features. The TITALIUM material, a special aluminum/Titanium alloy, combines strength with lightweight design. Inspired by the aerospace industry, ABUS focuses on maximum strength and low weight in the TITALIUM™ series. These padlocks boast an impressive stainless steel-like finish.

The ABUS Security Level guide, along with the CEN grade, helps determine the strength of the padlock. With a rating from 1 to 10, higher ratings indicate more robust security. The ABUS Titalium 90RK50 Padlock offers reliable protection with its CEN grade 3 and security level 8.

Features of the ABUS Titalium 90RK50 Padlock:

Solid lock body made from TITALIUM™ special aluminum
20mm hardened steel shackle
Paracentric keyway for increased protection against manipulation
Chrome-plated cylinder plug
Tulip-shaped key head
Trust the ABUS Titalium 90RK50 Padlock to safeguard your valuable assets with its exceptional security features. Experience the reliability and peace of mind provided by this top-quality padlock from ABUS.

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